All work and no play makes your team go astray

Be the change you want to see by introducing your team to Woolfie. Turn those frowns upside down all from the remote comforts of Slack. Try it now for free!

a bundle of games that your team can play all within slack!

4-8 PLAYERS (5-8 mins)

Strife is also a part of team spirit, yeah? Test your team's ability to manage strife within the ranks with Werewoolf. Can your group manage to work together amidst suspicion and deceit? Or will you fall apart and be some lucky werewolf's dinner?

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Awkward silence in the workplace is always a bummer, man. What's a dude got to do to have some deep, soulful conversations around here? With Woolfie's Icebreaker, your team can connect with each other and give your workplace a better flow.

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A little competition among teammates never hurt, right? It's not like your team will just use Woolfie's BrainNerd as a chance to passive-aggressively prove that they have 69.420% more IQ points than their annoying colleague, right?

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Getting started

our totally randomly selected commendations

"A great, quick game for your team in a world that is increasingly working remotely."

- Jess, Team Member

"It's great fun. Lots of laughs."

- Ben, Technical Lead

"Really fun game for a team , and super easy to start."

- Katia, Software Engineer

"It prompted interesting conversations between the team as we accused each other of being a werewolf."

- Jessie, Software Engineer

"It's easy to join and is in Slack directly."

- Wayne, Solution Architect

Teams that have fallen for Woolfie's charisma:

"Brace yourself. team building is coming."

- some guy up north

"It's great fun. Lots of laughs."


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