Hey there, young wolf! You wanna see how well your pack can work together? With the Werewoolf game, you can let them play the part of cute, little villagers being hunted down by a handsome werewolf. I'm obviously not a werewolf, by the way, just saying.

How to play

Well, your bunch of cute minions can't actually test their social skills if they don't know how to be proper villagers and werewolves, right? Lemme give you the down low.
To start a Werewoolf game, make sure that all the players are in the same channel then simply type in your Slack channel:
/invite @woolfie
/woolfie werewoolf

For the best playing experience, make sure that the participants Β are in a video call together and that dead players mute themselves. Remember, private messages are cheating!

Game Sequence

Each night, the Werewolf works hard to put food on the table. It's not his fault the Villagers are so delicious. Any Villagers with special fancy pants roles also do their special fancy pants thing at night.

Morning comes and the Villagers find the leftovers of last night's feast and decided that they would be offended by such a tiny matter.

As the bloodthirsty barbarians that humans are, they decide that the best way to deal with it is to argue among themselves and start a vote for lynching someone they think is the poor Werewolf.

If they managed to lynch the Werewolf, they win and should be reported to animal and human rights groups. If they fail, the Werewolf gets to eat for one more night. At least until all the Villagers are dead and the Werewolf wins a free trip to another buffet. Village, I mean.

Night comes and... well, you get the idea.


Whether you are a villager or a werewolf, you still have a role to play. While your objective remains the same as your team's, you do get access to some sweet skills.

You villagers have it easy. Find, bully, and kill the poor, innocent werewolf before your village's population drops to 0.

Victory Condition: Determine the werewolf's identity and kill them. Right now, the only way to kill the werewolf is to vote them for lynching.

Seer - Ah, yes, a human with "psychic" powers. A charlatan, if I've ever seen one. You are a nosy person who violates other people's privacy just to see what their role is.

The Seer chooses a person to investigate at night. That person's role is revealed to the Seer

Healer - You are a surgeon, a herbalist, a priest or whatever you choose to be today. Loiter around in people's houses on the off chance that they get attacked so you can save them with your hard earned PhD.

The Healer chooses a person to save at night. If that person is about to be killed that night for any reason, that person doesn't die.

Basic Villager - You are definitely someone. Maybe not someone important, but certainly a healthy meal or a part of the voting masses. Toil away during the day and give yourself a proper snooze during the night.

The Villager has voting power. Yeah, that's about it.

The Werewolves have it tough. Instead of killing one defenseless werewolf, they have to kill an entire village just so they won't starve to death.

Victory Condition: Kill all villagers.

Werewolf - A generic werewolf, working hard to make ends meet. Stalk the village streets at night in search of juicy prey to feast on. But be careful, lest the villagers decide to kill you for being different.

The Werewolf chooses a person to hunt at night. That person dies.

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