If you're reading this, there's a 60.411% chance that you're looking for something to help with teambuilding and a 39.589% chance that you just want to flex your superior grey matter.
Either way, Woolfie's BrainNerd Trivia will fill your Β needs.

How to play

To start your test of wits, simply type in your Slack channel:
/invite @woolfie
/woolfie trivia

Then, it's just a matter of answering the questions better than your fellow brainlets can.

5 questions, 20 seconds, 1 winner!
Thousands of trivia questions for you to prove your intellect with. Or your ability to use search engines quickly, I guess.
There are various trivia categories available so there's a significant chance of each member of your team filling a certain ecological niche.
The questions have multiple choices, so if all else fails, you can rely on the luck of the draw or your greater ability to calculate statistical probability.
If you can prove to your team that your intellect is good enough, maybe they'll believe you when you tell them your boss is a wolf pretending to be human, eh?

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