The Twilight Howl

Welcome, friends, to the Twilight Howl, where we delve into the intricacies of remote socialization. Mostly through games. Online games. Games where you play with other people. This is a game review blog, okay?

But not today.

Woolfie’s Woes

2020 and 2021 were trying times for the entire world. That includes our little three person team here at Woolfie. Rhoda (long may she reign) was still dipping her toes into the business world, learning the ropes when it came to administrative and legal affairs. Stephen was stretched thin with a vast array of responsibilities, from web design to graphics and even helping with the game development. I had to deal with a COVID positive household. Twice.

All of our interactions at this point, work related or not, were purely virtual. Despite all this, Woolfie trudged along. Progress may have been slow, but it was still progress.

Woolfie’s Wins

2020 and 2021 did have its bright sides though. The games we developed are completely playable in Slack. There might be some bugs here and there and of course, there’s still a lot of improvements to be made, but we have a playable game – technically three of them– and that’s amazing.

Rhoda’s face (long may it reign) got featured in a book she co-authored and she delivered a kickass talk in the Agile AustraliaConference 2021. Those were amazing.

I finally got a replacement for my six year old laptop. And survived a COVID positive household. Twice. That was amazing.

Stephen touched a koala. That was amazing.

New Year, New Woolfie

2022 comes in with a brand new path for Woolfie. We’re making somepretty big changes, including Woolfie’s target audience as well as experimenting with non-Slack platforms. As for our Slack games,they’re still there and even better, they’re going to be free. Yes, free. The favorite word of quite a lot of people, I imagine.

We’re also going to be experimenting with different ways to split the workload among our team. On that note, Woolfie has evolved even further. Specifically from a triumvirate to a quadrumvirate. That means four people! And four is more than three!

Alongside a revamping of our vision and mission as well as other miscellaneous changes (and a YouTube channel), Woolfie greets this new year with aplomb.


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