Woolfie's Top 5 Steam Remote Play Games of 2022

Written by: Brainard Linco

Welcome, friends, to the Twilight Howl, where we delve into the intricacies of remote socialization. Mostly through games. Online games. Games where you play with other people. This is a game review blog, okay?


...with an S. Plural. Today, Woolfie takes advantage of Steam's Remote Play Together Sale to, obviously, remotely play together. Instead of reviewing one game, you guys get a compilation of the more interesting cooperative multiplayer titles we've encountered so far, you lucky ducks.

The Woolf Pack Experience: Remote Play

But Woolfie, you ask, what is Steam Remote Play?

Basically, some Steam games allow players to stream video, audio and voice between players. While players can use their own controllers, the host's keyboard and mouse controls can be shared as well.

This means that multiple people can play the game even though only one person owns it.

And so, without further ado, here are five of Woolfie's recommended multiplayer games to try while they're on sale:

Final Exam

Final Exam is a cooperative 2.5D hack and slash game that's reminiscent of classic cooperative games such as Metal Slug and Contra. Play as a group of friends who started the night headed for a party at their old high school and ended up in the middle of a monster invasion. Jump, shoot and bash your way through waves of enemies as you try to accomplish stage specific objectives culminating in an epic boss fight at the end.

With various unlockable equipment and character specific progression and skill trees, Final Exam is a great game to try if you and your buddies just want to go in guns blazing.

Monster Prom

Monster Prom is a Dating Simulator that's half Visual Novel and half Board Game. Play as one of four possible characters and make your way through the perils of high school life with the penultimate goal of not going stag at the prom. Manage your time properly, prioritize the right stats and make the right choices and you just might make it through high school without dying from embarrassment (or being in the vicinity of a royal assassination, same difference.)

With 6 possible romantic options in the base game, hundreds of events with their own branching decisions, a lot of possible endings for each character, and minigames to decide turn order, Monster Prom is a whacky and hilarious game to play with your fellow couch potatoes.


Paradox Interactive is most well known for their overly complicated grand strategy games. Then we have Magicka, which basically drops players in a whacky Harry Potter Wattpad fanfiction, points them at a Big Bad Evil Guy and sits back as the world explodes. Play as one of up to four wizards, each with access to eight elements and with each element capable of combining with one or two more elements. Add friendly fire and intercharacter spell interactions, and you have a recipe for a laser filled, exploding blender of a time.

With pop culture references everywhere, tons of "accidental" friendly fire and a small game that launches quickly enough to make the Crash to Desktop "spell" more funny than frustrating, Magicka is a great way to just have mindless fun with friends.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 places players in the role of chefs, bent on saving the world from the Unbread (heh). Work together, or against each other, as you go through various locations and cook up various recipes, all within dynamic kitchens that pose different challenges ranging from teleporters to that one sibling who doesn't know the difference between a fish and a chicken.

With tons of character options, tons of levels, tons of food and tons of stress, Overcooked 2 brings out your inner Gordon Ramsey, all the better to shout instructions at your fellow chefs.


Guacamelee is a metroidvania platformer with drop-in cooperative multiplayer. Grab your luchador mask, practice your chicken-fu and hop-skip-jump-punch your way across multiple levels between the Lands of the Living and the Dead in your quest to rescue the daughter of El Presidente.

With interdimensional platforming, memorable bosses, spectacular player abilities and lots and lots of chickens, Guacamelee is a great addition to your Remote Play repertoire, especially if you and your friends just want to play Multiplayer Mexican Megaman.


The Remote Play sale lasts until March 7, 2022 so if you and your buddies have a little multiplayer itch to scratch, do remember that only one of you needs to own the game to enjoy it together.


THE WOOLF PACK GRANTS THIS LIST A - what do you mean I can't give my list a rating?


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